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Dec. 10th, 2011

I'm so unbelievably bent over what Cumulus has done to KGO radio. I didn't realize how much I liked that station until the new owners took the award winning format and shot it in the head. I've listen to them on and off over the years. At my last job it they were on everyday for the most part. Being unemployed, I had been listening a lot more lately because they gave me a sense of still being involved in the world around me. I think the thing that angers me the most is how Cumulus treated those they fired and how they fired them. On a broader note, the last couple of years has just been unreal with things that I though would never go away and have. It's not the end of the world I know. I'm just bummed that yet another thing that I found meaningful and really liked has gone down the crapper.

One Year...

So the anniversary I have so not wanted to see has arrived. One year ago today I was laid off from Kuhlman's. John shut the shop down because we had been loosing business for a while and he just gave up. Not that I'm sad to not be working for him, he was one of the most unpleasant persons I've ever worked for. Well before he said he was closing the shop, I was already looking for a new job.

Now, a year later I'm still unemployed. I never-ever thought or suspected I'd reach this point. I had thought I'd find something by now. I've looked for work daily and the process has just been surreal. 98% of my job apps or inquires go unanswered and those that are answered have all been a resounding "thank you but no thank you."

I also started working in earnest on my art-especially my comic book/ illustration abilities and now have four books behind me with a fifth in progress. This has kept me from going more crazy than I already am (LOL) and while I've not made any signification money at it (yet), I've enjoyed it. I would be in a truly dark place if I didn't have these projects.

I hope a paying job will come out of all of my art pursuits at some point. Though it has been sobering to realize that after having attend a number of comic book cons as a vendor, I've not had an serious bits for a real job. I have had a lot a "Wow, this is some great work!" type comments and those comments have been very helpful.

I've also made some new friendships that mean a great deal to me and I have learned just how much my husband loves me. I couldn't have faced this as well as I have if were not for his constant support and love. He has been far too good to me.

In all, this time has been one of the most...humbling experiences of my life.

Sep. 15th, 2011

Hey Gang!

New piece of art!!

I comment from a friend got me think'n about what "books" I might want to work on in the future. Also with APE coming, I wanted to do something in color. So I looked at my read pile and picked Hellboy as a character I'd like to take a stab at.

I'm surprised how quickly I got it done. This is 14 x 17 watercolor with gesso highlights.

Another Done!


Last night the last edits were completed for InterSections:Reunion and Rich sent it to the printers!!!! We are hoping that the book arrives in time for APE on Oct 1st.

Now to get back on issue 2 of The Protector Corps which I'm majorly behind on.

Oh! and find a full time job. Can't forget the need for paying rent and bills.


Another Job Application...

So I saw this job posting today and after reading it a bunch of times, I decided to go for it.

Its a concept art job for a bay area company and this is not the first time I've applied for a job with this company or for this type of job. So-I'm not holding my breath. But it was nice to see a job that after reading the requirements, I could fulfill 95% of what they were asking for. But once again, the application process is completely online and even though I spend a ton of time fix'n and update'n the website, the resume and a really good cover letter (which I didn't need once I started the filing process)

I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about getting the job or any other one of this type in this market. We're coming up on nine months of unemployment. In that time I've applied and applied and applied and, just like so many, nothing. I don't know, I have hope, I know that I do good work, but is it enough to get a regular paying job with that talent in this market? Is it too much to ask to finally have a job that I love that lest pays the bills?

I can only hope and keep going forward.

Aug. 15th, 2011

Hey Gang

Not much has changed down in SJ. Still look'n for work, Bill is getting better though he still has to wear the leg brace and take pain pills, and I'm make'n headway with InterSections latest issue. I'm now 17 pages down and I have about six or seven more to go. I'm so look'n forward to seeing the issue printed and on the table at APE come October!

Jul. 26th, 2011

Hi All!

A quick update, I decided to color the piece I did for Des and he loved it. So I'm posting the updated image. I'm planning on making at least one digital canvas print or do a limited run of ten. At any rate this is the official number five in my masqued figure series. Hope you like it!

Souls of Splendor

Just finished a piece for Desmond Miller for his indie short film, Souls of Splendor. This image is going to be the cover of the fictional comic book, Souls of Splendor. The image is from a sketch I was going to do for the next masqued figure painting. Des liked the series and wanted a something that was similar but drawn so I took the sketch and illustrated instead of painting it.

Jul. 17th, 2011

My gaaaaaaawd it is done.

With the fanominal assisitence of Rick Ramos, Bill and I finally moved on Saturday. It was a monumental undertaking and halfway through it Bill through his back out and could no longer lift anything. He couldn't even stand for a while. But I found the Vicodin and he was feeling better by night fall. Rick was a saint and a god sent.

Jul. 15th, 2011

The quote of the day-
"If you want that, you have to get more money out of the bear's butt."

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